“Fashion is a world of perfect: measurements for clothing are precise, designs are scrutinized almost as much as the next rocket NASA is sending into space and models are carefully handpicked to evoke the right image for a designers body of work. And in some regards, that perfection is needed, or else we wouldn’t have some of the designs we fawn over on a day to day basis. But the idea that perfection is a universal standard is something rarely challenged – unless you ask Cravatta Pelliano, a Dutch brand that is aiming erase the status quo with their newest ad campaign titled I’MPERFECT, a campaign that uses models usually considered outside the boundaries of traditional perfection: two burn victims, a downhill skiing paraplegic and a field hockey goalkeeper with a handicapped hand, who all maintain a high level of class while dressed in Cravatta Pelliano wears. We recently talked with campaign model Jeroen Bosch and Cravatta Pelliano founder and designer Marin Licina, who believe that “the best dressed men always go dressed as themselves.” We couldn’t agree more.” – Swipe Life

Bron: http://swipelife.com/2012/07/cravatta-pelliano-imperfect/