Imperfect ondergoed van Debora Dax


InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_ban InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_468_6 InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_468_1InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_468_0 InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_468_10 InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_468_13 InConTextUre-by-Debora-Dax_dezeen_468_3
Underwear adorned with artificial pubic hair and a skirt padded to look like love handles feature in this collection of garments by design student Debora Dax. Dax’s InConTextUre clothes aim to highlight features of the body that people typically want to conceal. “This clothing series is inspired by human body textures, which we like to hide and avoid,” said Dax. “This project shows that those structures are interesting and can be seen as body decorations.” Differences in physique, skin quality and body hair are all celebrated in her nude-coloured garments.  “It took some time to find the right materials that give the feeling of skin as colour, fabric surface and structures, and also ensure that those fabrics work together as a collection,” Dax told Dezeen.